Stone & Marble

Stone and marble are the finest and most prestigious flooring materials, with an elegant appearance and noble character. Stone and marble interiors are usually used in prestigious places, such as hotels, congress halls, shopping malls and luxurious homes. As natural products, they may have capillaries, tendons, dents, color differences and texture that give them their natural beauty and uniqueness. Although the application of stone / marble surface requires strictness and professionalism, but the end result is a uniform surface without connections and without differences in heights – infinite, natural and impressive. Stone / marble are an eternal product that can be renewed, with proper care and supervision can survive for many years. In order to coordinate expectations with the customer, MODY decided to make a sample deployment of the material to each customer, and if necessary, a full deployment of the entire quantity – at our discretion. MODY will advise and accompany its customers throughout the process of purchasing and applying the stone / marble.

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